Adolescent Substance Abuse Programs in Massachusetts
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I have created this web site as a resource guide to finding as much information as possible in one place on adolescent substance abuse treatment programs in Massachusetts.
I would like to start out by letting you know that I am not an educated professional in this field.  I am a parent that has learned through hard experience and countless hours of research.  It is my hope that this web site will save you the time and frustrating moments that I have experienced while trying to locate the help I needed mainly for my adolescent son but also for my adult step-son and as time has progressed my son who become an adult.

If you have come to this web site then chances are you are desperately seeking help for a loved one just as I have.  If this is the case then you are most likely feeling a multitude of feelings such as stress, anger, sadness, fear, and loneliness.  I would like to suggest that you slow down and take a deep breath while you look through this website. I will try to walk you through the steps of contacting the facilities that hopefully will be able to help your loved one.

My name is Janet Moore and I have been living around the disease of addiction for over 28 years. Most of those years, I am proud to say, were spent around the recovery stage of addiction. For the last 9 years, I have been living with the active stage of this disease due to my son's addictions. His addiction started as an adolescent and I searched everywhere trying to locate adolescent treatment programs. It was a huge battle locating and learning about the programs available in Massachusetts. It took me more time than I care to recall. The time that it took allowed my son to get deeper into his addiction and to become associated with the negative/bad things that go along with addiction.  His addiction became so strong that recovery has been something he has tried to do for us not himself.  That type of recovery never works.   He paid some heavy consequences for his actions and has spent many a nights out on his own due to the tuff love action that I had to take.  Yes, some of those nights were in the dead of winter.

During my research I found it frustrating talking to so many people and organizations in this field and many of them not knowing all that was available. Each person I talked to had a piece of information. It then became my job to take each piece of information and put them all together to complete the puzzle. I became determined not let this happen to another family. I wanted other families to have easy access, in one place, to the information that I have obtained. Please keep in mind that most of this information is for Massachusetts residents. Please also keep in mind that these programs change their structure often so it is always important that you contact the program yourself to determine if it will fit your needs.

Finally, there are programs available through the DSS and DYS in our state. We never had the need to become involved with either program so I do not know all that they have available however, I have listed a couple that I did come across.
Contact: Please send an email to
This email address is confidential: it is checked, read, and responded to by only myself.

Feedback: I welcome your feedback emails.  Let me know whether this website has been helpful to you or not.

If you are an organization that would like to be added to this web site or you would like to have changes made to your information listed, please send the information to the above email address.

Affiliated Orgranization:

Families of Addicts and Alcoholics Coming Together
Uxbridge, MA 

Educating and guiding familes and communites about the addiction issues and recovery process.

Do you question whether there is an addiction issue in your home?

Are you confused, overwhelmed, or living in chaos as a result of a loved ones addiction?

Are you ready to take action?

F.A.A.C.T. will guide and support you with love and compassion.  They will also empower, educate, and assist you in making decisions that will vastly improve your situation.  They will assist in getting your loved one the treatment that best fits their needs.  If necessary an intervention can be performed.  They will continue services, support, and guidance to the family after the loved one is placed into treatment for a year.  The support focus is for the family. 

New Beginnings
750 Winter Street
Framingham, MA  01702
Bill Phillips, President & Founder

During my research I met Bill Phillips.  Bill runs a program called "New Beginnings" and he is by far the most amazing person that I have met thru the last couple of years.  He is dedicated to helping adolescents and the families of adolescents.  He has been a huge help and support system for our family. 

Bill brings substance abuse awarenss programs to school systems, he helps kid get into recovery programs, and he brings kids already in recovery together for support. 

Please click on the above link to visit his website and learn more about him and his programs.

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